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Monstrous Races $2.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Mikey M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2019 20:11:30

just gonna start by saying... amazing job spending the time to write out stuff for EVERY SINGLE MONSTER. genuinely impressive the time and patience it took to make this. i am impressed and ive already had fun amking some monster characters. the only thing keeping this from a full 5 stars is just some personal prefernce. i feel like some things are a bit... odd for choices. mainly damage dice. its odd to see some monsters having different, and sometimes worse damage than the monster manual versions. while i can somewhat understand it, in a lot of cases theres some draw backs to playing a monster, especially some with no hands or anything. so having lower natural damage doesn't help when you cant use a sword. this is of course, however, optional and you can just always go with the monster manual. theres also some typos here and there but for the most part its good. very well done, i don't know if i'll ever get to legitly use this for campaigns, but making characters is fun nonetheless.

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Monstrous Races
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