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Wolf Lord of Yol $9.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jack K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/30/2019 19:40:14
The heavy, ancient drones echo as if from deep under water. A pulsing heart beat of kick and snare drum creates a steady rhythm as the sound of ambient wind mixes with organ and horn that crescendo into a driving rock mix giving way suddenly to a melodic piano tune giving an eerie sense of dread. Mors Certa - Mark of the Wolf Lord is the evocative musical piece used to set the tone of Cauldron and Tower’s first foray into the multi-faceted world of adventure writing, “Wolf Lord of Yol”. John Bultena and A.R. Rye have created a beautiful sandbox style adventure for your adventurers to get lost in. With a rich lore The Valley of Yol is sure to give your party hours of play as they uncover the amazingly detailed history of the area. What begins as a seemingly normal quest quickly turns into a budding mystery that finds players travelling from town to town in search of answers to questions they don’t know they are asking. The cities and villages are populated with colorful characters each with their own backstories and motivations and every area feels unique. Wolf Lord of Yol uses an Escalation system in this adventure that causes things to happen with or without the players actively taking part that can have dire consequences for the valley itself. The adventure also reminds Dungeon Masters to take particular note of certain NPC’s and what events transpire because not only is this an amazing adventure that promises 20 - 30 hours of gameplay, but it is only the first in a series of adventures that are all interconnected. With included full detail maps of The Valley of Yol as well as specific areas and dungeons, awesome new monster options that can be dropped into more than just this campaign, character options and interesting magical items, the aforementioned mp3 by Mors Certa that is absolutely an integral part of the mood of the story as well as fierce cover art by David Paul Seymour (available as a shirt) this adventure will surely lead to many brutal nights playing D&D. Can’t wait to see what's next for the Cauldron & Tower team! Twitter: @JacksNotFunny

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Creator Reply:
Wow, thank you for the exhaustive and in-depth review. We really tried to craft the way this adventure is presented in the manner in which I create my adventures: set a mood. I do that with music. I hear a song, think "This is what I want to go down in my game, I want my players to experience these moods but in D&D." Then I write and craft it out.

The Escalation system is one we use: create a sense of urgency. All stories use time, but that impending result sets up the horror. That things will happen well beyond your own will.
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Wolf Lord of Yol
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