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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by PATRICK W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2019 13:37:30

This is a really cool an evocative DM aid. I'm looking forward to giving my spellbooks some extra flair with this, and incorporating symbols into my mage academies. A question: I notice that all schools of magic include a symbol like a cross, that you suggest represents the will of the caster. Any reason for this universal element in all schools? Original inspiration, or taken from real-world occult stuff?

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Creator Reply:
First of all, thank you for your kind review.

One of the most important design criteria for me, was that a symbol could be drawn quickly. Just like a letter of any script/language in RL.
I got some inspiration from historical alchemical signs and tried to give meaning to repeating aspects of the symbols.
As for the "cross" representing the will of the caster, I figured, that magic ALWAYS bends or breaks the natural laws of the universe, to achieve supernatural effects.
It made sense to me, that at some point of a magic spell, the intentions of the caster have to overcome those natural laws, and pierce through into the realms of wonder.
Depicting the transcendence from one realm into another can also be seen in the well known ANKH sign from egypt.
I remember a lecture from Joseph Campbell, where he describes the cross-section of the ankh as the veil between life and death. The lower part is the mundane world, always divided by dichotomies (represented by the vertical line), while the upper part stands for the afterlife, where the circle represents unity.
So I guess this piercing through the membrane of the mundane world (represented by the cross) makes my design real-world occultism inspired. Sorta.
Does this answer your question?

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Symbols to Represent the 8 Schools of Magic
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