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Captains and Cannons: A Ship Combat Guide in D&D 5e $7.99 $4.79
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Michael M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/21/2019 20:52:28

Even though WOTC released a ruleset in both UA and Saltmarsh I was not happy with those rules. Seemed fiddly. I wanted something that leaned more towards Theatre of the Mind since I may need to run the odd naval battle but I am not running a naval campaign. This fits the bill. Its just complex enougth to give the right feel for naval combat without turning into a minis game. Thats all I was expecting however the book also has example weather conditions the ship may need to deal with and, much more imptortently, example encounters. Saltmarsh has very little in the way of example naval encounters (I think its none unless I missed it) which makes this book worth a lot more to me than Saltmarsh.

My only suggestion is to convert the weather conditions (or add a new section) into skill challenges. I use these liberally in my 5e game and that would seem to work better with what you are trying to do with weather than the "complex trap" you have setup. Though the complex trap works when you are using a grid, not so much when its TotM.


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Captains and Cannons: A Ship Combat Guide in D&D 5e
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