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Warriors of Sehanine $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Teos A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/18/2019 15:13:31

This is an absolutely beautiful adventure. The art and layout are fantastic! The inclusion of art as handouts is a nice touch, and the maps are available as separate files. One of the overland maps has alternate versions with various reveals, perfect for online display or using a tablet at the table to illustrate the change.

The adventure itself has a really good story with a compelling hook. The reveals are more rich and rewarding for the DM than most, and reading the premise and opportunities is fun for the DM. Traveling to the first main adventure site includes "random" encounters, some of which are very interesting and tie into the larger narrative in clever ways. This really makes the encounters compelling. Encounter areas provide great Forgotten Realms lore that is useful and pertinent. Monsters often have interesting quirks and tactics that reveal personalities and make them feel more real.

The final foe has some options, and DMs should read over the text to ensure they understand where the foe appears (and potential foe allies) and how the maps work. I'm not sure much is gained from the complexity, but some will likely enjoy it. Otherwise, just plan on a bit of extra preparation. The NPCs are awesome, so preparation here is recommended and enjoyable to bring them to life and use all that they offer.

There are a few typos (the A Call to Arms section on page 3, for example) and some text could be streamlined (no need to mention "Warrior of Sehanine Appendix A" after every single NPC name in a paragraph, for example), but this is minor feedback compared to the really strong adventure. With the price being so low for what it offers, this is easily a 5-star adventure and is strongly recommended.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your wonderful review. This means a ton to us. Yes, while the different options complicate a bit the preparation, we wanted a bit of replayability so the DM could even invite player's that already enjoyed the module and get thrown off by single changes and experience something new. As for the typos we fixed the "A Call to Arms" section and others we found on the way and will be on the lookout for more and update the PDF accordingly, thank you for alerting us to those!
Warriors of Sehanine
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