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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Roxanne R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2019 12:12:16

Wonderful resource, and I can't wait to use it. Full of creative items with just enough detail to breathe life into them. I have a scholar in my group, and in our first session she found a bookseller. I've never had to think so fast, haha.

There are a couple of things that would be fairly easy to add and would make this even more useful, though:

  • A table of contents by topic. The book is broken up into topics anyway, so why not make it easier to find them? Seems like a glaring omission, especially in a PDF-only book that doesn't allow actually "flipping" through the pages.
  • An alphabetized index by book title. I'm 100% sure my players are going to write down the title and lose the notes about what's in them, because that's how DnD goes.
  • In addition to the master random roll table, random tables for each topic. I'd like to have little more control over what my players find, without eliminating the randomness altogether.
  • A print-friendly version without the weathered background. I want to print these, cut them out, and hand them to my players if they decide to keep a book.

All that said, these quality-of-life issues don't outweigh the usefulness of this resource. Add them in, and I'd rate it 5 stars; but even without them, it's still a solid 4.

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The Grand Library
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