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DDEX1-06 The Scroll Thief (5e) $2.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Brian D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/25/2019 17:03:34

This was a fun mod to run. Players enjoyed it. There is a little something for everyone. Lots of interaction and skill checks for peeps, a bit of investigation and sleuthing, and some combats. My party managed to defeat the dragon fairly easily because of a well-placed combo (warlock hex caused disadvantage on wisdom saves, bard hit it with hideous laughter, poor thing just sat there until the barbarian wooped on it). That said, the fight might have gone quite poorly if the dragon had gotten airborn and used its breath weapon. I could see how a party of 1st levelers could struggle...

So, lessee:

Organization/Writing/Editing: Good. Few typeos here and there, no biggie. I would say that they are missing a map that would make the layout of the archive sub-basement area much easier to follow. As a DM I had to read and re-read it to get a feel for the layout, and the layout will be important during play. Other than that, great.

Challenge/"Deadly Factor": Adequate. As an AL DM, you must pay attention to party strength rating and adjust encounters accordingly. Their charts and instructions on how to do this work just fine. That said, I found that some of the encounters were a breeze, and some were potentially TPK material.

Fun Factor: Great. Everybody had a great time with this one. There are lots of rich personalities for the DM to play as well.

Advice for DMs: Look over the section with the sub-basement/archives thoroughly and maybe draw yourself a map. I had to ad-lib it a bit. Pay particular attention to the party strength when they approach the dragon's lair. My party breezed through it, but they made a nice tactical move and had it gone another way, could have been a wipe. The lair abilities never factored into my game, but remember them as well when considering the challenge to the party.

Final Evaluation: Great mod. Well worth the time.

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DDEX1-06 The Scroll Thief (5e)
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