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Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps $10.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Evan B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2019 12:33:34

This does the job. I feel like it could be less sparce, since its a castle, but again, it does the job. only complaint is that some of the measurements in some of the rooms are off. not a HUGE deal, but I use a program called arkenforge to show a player's map with dynamic lighting and fog of war on a screen i project onto the table, which lets create multi-level maps that let you swich levels at the click of a button. where the room measurements being off comes into play is when you scale these maps to display each square as exactly 1 inch, some of the floors do not line up exactly right with others. for example, the balcony overlooking the main floor's chapel show the chapel it overlooks as being a few squares off from th way it sows on the main floor. something as small as a room being 1 square's length off can cause this. on some floors the stairs are off by one or two squares so the spirals do not line up properly with the ones above or below it. i recognize this is not the exact purpose for which the maps were intended though, and they still tecnically do their job well enough, its just not as seamless. i didnt have to make them all from scratch myself because of this. i only had to alter them a bit in photoshop to align certain rooms with the ones beneath them a bit more accurately. I also realize some places in ravenloft dont have much in them (such as the courtyard) and so they were excluded, but I still feel like they should have been put in. It would not have been much work to do. Some dm's like to populate unused areas with neat things for their groups and it would have saved from having to railroad my group away from those areas.

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Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps
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