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DLC2: Dragonlance Classics Volume II (2e) $4.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Rogue A. Date Added: 06/13/2019 22:04:34

I purchased all 3 or these in print and this one fared better than the other 2. The print quality, like the others is grey, not black. But this one is at least darker than the others. Never the less, it should be easy to make crisp and black text. This one also has the title printed on the spine (which I and III lack completely.) I found all 3 volumes of this to be a huge let down in print quality and shelf presentation. If all you care about is using the content, go for the pdfs. If you actually care about shelf presentation and being able to read without eyestrain, skip the print ones.

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DLC2: Dragonlance Classics Volume II (2e)
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