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Uncaged | Volume I $14.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Adam W. Date Added: 05/27/2019 10:57:41

This is a review for the PDF version of Uncaged on iPad. Do not buy. You will not be able to view any of the images or maps, and you will be directed to send your complaints about the issue to onebookshelf, who will tell you that it is the author's responsibility to fix the issue, and that there is no timeframe for this.

You can view said images and maps if you open it on a pc or other device, but sorry, if you buy it to view through your ipad, then even viewing through browsers or other apps doesn't work. The device can't render the images, probably because the images are JPEG2000.

I can see other people have had the issue, and it hasn't been addressed, hence the bad review.

The content as it is is genuinely fantastic though. Almost every included module is well written and fully realised, and the art and maps (when you can see them) are brilliant. This is genuinely worth the price of admission if you're viewing it in any other way than on the most popular tablet on the market.

Also, the printer friendly documents are some of the best I've seen in a DMS guild title. Should be the standard moving forward.

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Uncaged | Volume I
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