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DotMM Companion: Skullport $1.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jocelyn R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/23/2019 17:26:34

This has been by far the most useful of the Companion books. Skullport is barebones but so far my party has loved every little encounter and mission that's popped up thanks to this supplement! It turned the port into something worth staying a few days and we've already gotten 1.5 sessions out of it, and I'm expecting another 2 before they're done. Highly recommend it, especially for those who have members in the party who are interested/are part of Xanathars, the Zentarim, or the Harpers!

I even made my first map from scratch for the grotto of the Netherese to use with this adventure. I think that would be my one hangup for it, as this map and the one of the spider fortress would be useful additions, given the fact they are both nonexistent on the maps provided by the module. But that only affected us mainly because we stream and play on roll20 so improvising was a bit harder than if we played in person.

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DotMM Companion: Skullport
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