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{OAP} The Accursed Class $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Will R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2019 23:52:26

Having finally gotten a chance to play it after picking it up several months ago, I have to say I absolutely love it so far. The drawbacks of the class offer a pretty entertaining way of counterbalancing the powerful curses, and the consistant damage I get from jinx as a misfortune accursed. I feel like I'm always contributing something, and that even my worst luck can be turned into something interesting. Even when somethign completely went against me, (blasted crab got a nat 20 on it's wisdom save...), I could say that I was having fun.

So far, I've only gotten to taste what the class can offer, but I will continue to play this character, and look for chances to try out the other archtypes. I'm torn between possessed and armament next. Assuming I can update my review later, I shall be more than happy to provide my input for those as well. That said, I have been more than happy to recommend this class to everyone at the gamestore I work at, and will redouble my efforts after this.

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{OAP} The Accursed Class
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