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CCC-APL-01-01 It's Not Easy Being Gene $4.99 $3.74
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Noah G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2019 22:50:20

I have been looking for go-to a T1 comedic romp for over a year, and now I have one! This adventure has a great balance of action, roleplay, and suspense about whether the characters will succeed in their quest. All the proceeds go to a wonderful cause as well!

The more I DM, the more I think great modules have a specific voice and aren't necessarily for every party. I saved this module for a couple months until I knew I had a group of light-hearted players who were looking for a romp and would play well as a group. If your party wants to have a good time and hang out but also feel there are meaningful stakes, get this adventure! It's the funnest, goofiest adventure I have played. If you have a bunch of optimizers or players who want to solve all problems through bloodshed, there's something for them here, but I'd save the module for a different group. Note I said players. The most common path through the adventure lacks direct, traditional us-versus-them combat.

As a DM, I felt this mod was more on the improv heavy side, giving the DM a lot of discretion. I think that's endemic to more comic adventures. It fit in to my wheelhouse but I could see newer DMs who want firm rules or DMs who emphasize heavy prep vs. improv struggling a bit. This mod also takes a bit more work to manage with a seven person table, because there are several scenes where a few characters will be the stars and others will be in more of a supporting role.

The only thing I couldn't easily manage at the table is is several mechanics to maintain tension work better if the DM is rolling behind a screen.

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CCC-APL-01-01 It's Not Easy Being Gene
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