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The Experiments of Dr. Skulldial $3.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Mitch E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/07/2019 19:28:29

This is not a very well written module.

The players have little to no motivation for trying to get into the lab, especially during a Willy-Wonka-esque tour of this mansion that you'd think would logically be a guided tour. During guided tours you're not usually allowed to touch anything and I can't imagine this being any different for any reason other than plot convenience. The module mentions that "if questioned" Strella will tell the players that she is worried about Dr. Skulldial's work, but what if they don't question her? What would make them want to question her? And even if they do, what makes the players care other than the fact that "the DM says so"?

In part B) Return to the Anti-Chamber, I feel like there really shouldn't be a perception check necessary to see that there's liquid on the floor, and it certainly shouldn't be a DC 15.

The Ravnica chase complications table towards the end of the module really doesn't work for a chase. No matter what the die roll result is, someone is getting into combat with something else entirely and then the chase ends because the quarry gets too far away. Also on page 12 regarding the chase "If the players manage to catch [the quarry] unharmed, a mysterious black dart will shoot out of the usual Transguild Promenade crowd and kill them." So if the players win, they die? The author needs to make better use of pronouns, as the same type of problem arises throughout the module. Who is "them?" Is "them" the players or is "them" the bad guy? When "them" is both, the whole thing becomes very difficult to understand.

And speaking of page 12, the page numbering gets odd from there as well. It jumps from 12 to 17, and then continues from 13 to 16 before going to 18.

All in all the artwork is quite good, but the writing needs a lot of work.

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The Experiments of Dr. Skulldial
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