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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Igor M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2019 09:31:53

Far, far, far beyond the awesome quality of the Wayfinder's, this books can nly be described as an old classic splatbook - and even those with "in game" narative, which tries to give some flavour to the reading but actually just bring boring and predictive readings.

It's confusing, but this is someting they can eventually correct by upating the book. The layout is not good too, which needs upgrade.

Tha content for each class is unbalanced, and the idea to bring new archetypes is the core goal of the book, but I think they choose very poorly, at least from what I've know from the scenario "back in the day", what could have been done with the archetypes.

It's also too confusing what should be an archetype, what should be a backgroud, and what should be just flavour to give roleplaying opportunities to the character.

The chapter of noir games is a very good thing to read, but... why is it here?

Level 0 adventures is not my thing at all, so I can't judge. Full of optional content for those who like it.

The artwork is too dark and confusing. Away from the pulp swashbuckling Reynolds infused on eberron.

I think that Eberron is a wonderful setting for 5th edition. It can help players to practice "non hardcore rules" gaming, wich is an option they already have with Forgotten Realms.

But: not to be confused with what White Wolf did with the World of Darkness.

What Eberron really, really need is long campaigns. Some that feeds on intrigue, dark fantasy, noir, pulp action, dungeon delving... which oes from heroes to champions, exploring the exotic places and the inner conflicts of the sadow war. But 60 dollars to play "Embers of the Last War" was a bit too much for me.

ope I am the only one complaining about this! :/

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Morgrave Miscellany
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