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The Book of House $14.99 $11.24
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Gabe M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2019 03:07:15
It is so hard to avoid immediately falling in love with this book from the second you open it. The book details many expertly designed game mechanics and reworks in addition to content that exceeds expectations at every opportunity. From the diverse and masterful artwork to the astounding world building, this book delivers on any, if not all the elements that your D&D campaign is lacking. Even if you don't play 5e, the interesting creatures, classes, and resplendent stories of how certain things came to be in Forgotten Realms are worth readapting to earlier editions of D&D or other games. In fact, I'd recommend this book even for those that don't game because the embedded storyline and hidden messages are satisfying to decipher and captivating to read. If you do play 5e, the simple Clonn race (which you could get for a donation of any price) are a must have for any adventuring party looking for a jack-of-all-trades yet master of fun! Where I have seen many homebrew creatures use multiple limbs, I have never seen a multi-limbed race that's as well-balanced as the Tula. This race alone is reason enough to buy the book in its entirety as even the most highly anxious arachnophobes will be struck in awe by the cutest spider person ever to be seen (I'm talking the one spider you wouldn't wanna Squish)! The way that Gnolls were made playable and lycanthropes were reworked make the game much more enjoyable and gives the select players a higher sense of urgency and self-awareness. The added subclasses from the book make give players unique playstyles that achieve their goals and make character building concepts much more intriguing. The simple idea of a rogue that spends cash to overpower their attacks is just plain innovative and stunning! Not to mention, the book is sprinkled with easter eggs and jokes that make you want to turn the page in search of the next laugh if not to continue reading the actual content. And lastly, as a DM, it gave my campaign the divine spark (hehe, I cracked the code) it needed to bring my disengaged players back into the mix, give my attentive players a more interesting story to focus on, and make my world way more enjoyable to play and build. 10/10 would recommend and play again!

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The Book of House
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