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DotMM Companion: Halaster's Game $1.50
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2019 06:01:26

A useful little document, that you should really read before starting the campaign. Filling in the gaps in the core books, this is another brill work by Wyatt!

  • Useful tips for playing Halaster, adding to his madness and giving him newer motives relating to being an insane gameshow host. Also some things he can do to screw with the players, including the 'Point's Game' which is my favourite - 8/10.
  • Theme songs, character profiles and sponsor messages to tell your players to add to the gameshow theme - I loved these 8/10
  • An overview of what each dungeon level has in it, in one place - why the core book never had this I'll never know 9/10
  • A section on all major factions and what you (could) do with them - also very useful and very missing in the core book, 9/10
  • A collection of all magic items and what levels they are found in, ditto monsters and teleport gates. I anticipate this becoming more useful over time as my own party venture deeper 7/10
  • Rules for Weave addiction and environmental hazards - absolute gold that stop players simply powering up in Undermountain then leaving on their own quests quite so easily - good in-game way to stop some meta - 10/10!!
  • Some other adventuring parties to find along the way an add colour - useful given my laziness - 9/10
  • Character creation suggestions and plot hooks - always appreciated - 9/10

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DotMM Companion: Halaster's Game
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