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CCC-BLD 1-1 Bleeding Gate: Pandemonium $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Thomas P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2019 22:05:05

I chose this adventure for my first time as an Adventure League DM. I really enjoyed it and so did my players.


  1. Well-written and easy for the DM to understand. The author presented an excellent summary of the whole module before launching into the detailed narrative of the adventure.
  2. A fun and positive story that everyone seemed to relate to.
  3. Two good combats featuring slightly offbeat monsters for those of us who are tired of fighting kobolds.
  4. An interesting and creative story award that doesn't jeopardize game balance.
  5. A strong lead out to the sequel.

Minor issues:

  1. There is a significant possiiblity that the first encounter could one-hit kill a first level character. To be clear I am sayng dead, not merely unconscious or disabled. As a DM you should decide if you are OK with that and plan accordingly.
  2. As another reviewer wrote, allowing the players some influence over the Peacestone's decision would be more satisfying. I created an opportunity after the first battle for the characters to earn some good karma (a plus) for their upcoming roll.
  3. The story can fall apart if there is no Harper in the party to pull in the Harper hook. As DM you need a plan B to get that information to the players. One simple solution would be for a desperate Harper agent to make a cold contact asking for the party's help.

Ideas are essential to art. They stimulate us, intrigue us, challenge us, provoke us, and hopefully enlighten us. Important ideas play a large role in this module and I definitely consider this module to be a work of art. But I caution the author that often a subtle touch is better. Be careful about letting the ideas become bigger than the story. Layer your ideas into your work and let people draw their own conclusions.

Summary: this is one of the best Tier 1 adventures I have seen. Absolutely run it for your players.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you so much for your review, Thomas!

Being my first adventure, I admit I had a lot to learn and I hope to keep on improving.

Some things that might help for future running, when I run the first encounter, I have the neogi and snakes target Theema Aga'Rith. I may still choose to attack the PCs a little but I mainly use the neogi and snakes as an introduction to Theema Aga'Rith and Tomakas.

Even though touching the Peacestone yields random results, it has a high probability of success. Still, no matter what the result, as the Paragon says, a PC may broaden peace. If they choose to receive training (give them a copy of the principles and Paragon quotes) despite not receiving the story award, WOW that would say a lot about that character and could make for some interesting roleplay.

I have definitely used your approach for the Harper hook or given it to the most roguish PC. I've also run it without a Harper; an insight check can reveal the same information about Ersu's reluctance to talk in front of the crowd even without reading the Thieves Cant tattoo.

I can't change much about the module at this point but those last two suggestions (Peacesmith and insight check) could be added if you think it would help.

Thank you again for playing my module and for writing the review!
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CCC-BLD 1-1 Bleeding Gate: Pandemonium
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