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DDAL05-16 Parnast Under Siege (5e) $3.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Steven B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/27/2019 15:07:15

This was an excellent end to the season 5 tier 1 storyline: it ties in (most of) the previous stories in a way where the players see the effects of their prior decisions while presenting a good mixture of combat and non-combat encounters.

For my own experience: unfortunately, my players were so excited to fortify the town and scout enemy forces that they almost forgot to talk to Chandra until I prodded them at the end, after which they belatedly hurried to the forest to acquire some fey allies; not taking any prisoners also meant that they completely skipped the den (although in season 8 rules, the lack of treasure means that there's little incentive to go there anyway). Ultimately, the "very weak" party breezed through the first few siege fights and had an excess of points left for the final fight.

While the module is generally well-written and fun, I do have two parts I'm unhappy with:

  • When characters go to request aid from the fey, the module states that "if the character previously met Thornacious or Oblivillish they are remembered fondly" without considering any possibility that those encounters might have gone poorly.
  • The module says that difficulty adjustments are a maximum removal that happens after players remove enemy via Siege points. While I would assume the module to be balanced around this, it can lead to strange outcomes for weak parties where the siege points they use are effectively wasted (they might feel bad being told that villagers would die if they didn't spend the siege points, but a smaller difficulty adjustment that is strictly cumulative seems more straightforward and wouldn't have the potential for bad feels.

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DDAL05-16 Parnast Under Siege (5e)
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