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CCC‐RPSG‐01 Ooze There $3.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Noah C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2019 19:45:10

I agree completely with Jia J. T.'s review. I'm the "overflow DM" at my LGS and I ran this for 3 experienced & 2 new to D&D players and I'll be honest, without adjusting the encounters it would've easily been a TPK. At one time 2 of the players were engulfed by the Gelatnious Cube (both first level) and it was entirely dumb luck rolling mostly ones on the 6D6 damage that they didn't die outright. As other reviews have said, the plot hooks are very lacking and heavily rely on players being in a Faction and even then aren't very strong.

I will say that all of my players had an immense amount of fun playing this module, even though their characters had no idea why they were on this quest (Especially because the only NPC they saved was the Baker, so they didn't find out about any of the backstory in the sewers). And to top it off, the 3rd level Sorcerer rolled a Natural 20 to hit Fenaria with a chaos bolt in the third round of combat dealing 36 points of damage, forcing her to lose concentration and bringing her below 10hp.

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CCC‐RPSG‐01 Ooze There
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