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The Palace of Pain's Pleasures $2.95 $1.77
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jeremy E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2018 16:04:29

Beautiful layout and professional quality look. Includes some nice extra like guild hooks, random street encounters, trinkets, a new spell, etc. The issue I had with this adventure is the same one that I had with the first adventure in this series which is that the main set piece for the adventure is lacking. In this case, the PCs enter a Rakdos pleasure/pain club which I would imagine to be at least partially filled with customers, entertainers, and security but the place was strangely devoid of them. It just didn't feel as engaging as it could have if the PCs had to manuever their way through dancers and embarrassed clients, and burly roustabouts. The final NPC has some nice Ravnica flavor. Overall there is just enough missing that it isn't a five for me.

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Creator Reply:

Thanks very much for your thoughtful review! As I prepare the v1.2 update, I will take what you're saying here into consideration. As the scenario is presented, the idea is that there is a central public performance taking place at the time when the adventurers arrive, hence people are gathered outside watching that. I can certainly touch on "people in the club" particularly in the first floor area to add that flavor.

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The Palace of Pain's Pleasures
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