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CCC-AETHER-01-01 The Heir of Orcus: Verse I $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Derek S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/10/2018 03:14:37

Look no further; this mod is A MUST BUY! I was looking for something new to break the cycle of redundancy I was experiencing with other mods, so I spent quite a bit of time researching modules; I ultimately decided on this one due to the reviews, and the content it included. This mod stands out above so many others in so many ways, some of which are its inclusion of a variety of visual aids (location templates, character drawings, player handouts, etc.) and in-depth lore, that all amplify the player’s roleplaying experience.

This mod also caters to DM’s, as the developer laid out DM guidelines in a format that is very easy to follow, while also allowing DM’s the freedom to incorporate their own ideas into the player experience.

Some reviewers noted that they consider the ability to navigate through this entire adventure without much combat, to be a con, but I consider this a pro… It takes true intelligence to complete a mission like this with no combat, anybody can swing a sword… and if that’s how you want to play it, then there is nothing holding you back from doing so, but it won’t be easy…

There is a part II to this mod that is separately available, which is also a must buy, but I won’t comment on that one here.

I have been playing DND for quite some time, and these mods have left me thoroughly impressed. Kudos to the developer for reinvigorating my passion for DND. I can’t wait to see more!!!

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CCC-AETHER-01-01 The Heir of Orcus: Verse I
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