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28 New / Converted 5e Spells and Cantrips Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Peter S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2018 14:57:28

I like some of this creator's work, but this piece in particular isn't very well developped in my opinion. Most of the writing is very confusing and is not very professional, nor is it consistent. A good majority of the damage values don't fit within their respective spell slot bracket. Most of the cantrips are clunky and are worded poorly with strange benefits, however I do think Cleanse and Arc Lightning are really good concepts that could be worded better to function properly. As for the spells of 1st level and up, here's what I don't like about this list: There are plenty of spells in here whose sole purpose is to do nothing but cover up the weaknesses of spellcasters. Losing concentration and straight up damage reduction are direct cover-ups to weaknesses, and the way they are presented here requires no preparation or expectation of resources. It just exists. Once again, I'll go through and share the ones that I think are acceptable concepts: Feedback Bolt, Death Coil, Forked Lightning, Aftershock. The rest of them are either clunky, unneccessary, or worded terribly. For example, what's going on with Blaze? Is it a 45-degree radius semicircle, or is it a cone like it says? D&D cones are always specified as acute cones, so either you should specify that it's something different, or you can't say it's a cone. Plus the damage is so small that it doesn't really capture the image of "Blaze" very well. I understand that the area is huge, but the damage is less than most 1st level spells. Overall, these spells feel like either "lite" or "reimagined" versions of existing spells that really didn't go so well in the translation between spell levels.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the review.

These are unrefined spells and cantrips which is why they are free (or pay what you want to support author).

They were beta-spells that I used as unique scrolls in my game (and loot for the wizard to copy into spellbook). I tried to bring some cool and new concepts on older edition spells to the table, and wanted to share the inspiration for other DMs to look at and take their own from it too.

Feel free to edit/reword these as you see fit, but this was a rough port from my notes to a pdf purely for the reason of sharing my own inspiration with the world.
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28 New / Converted 5e Spells and Cantrips
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