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by Lu N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2018 12:53:36

Aside far too many pdfs to keep track of, the recent rule changes to season 8 are just bad.

The changes from an XP system to an ACP System are not bad. There are some minor issues, but a lot of them existed with xp anyway. The only thing I would request is an additional slow progression option that lets someone slow their progression even further if they are trying to help a friend catch up in levels. Overall, the XP to ACP change isn't that bad.

TCP is a mixed bag, but the downsides are rather immersion breaking. First off, while it is nice that we are now able to buy the necesssary +1, +2, +3 weapons and the ever useful bag of holding when we need them, it has the unfortunate downside of taking away some of the magic from finding magic items. It is rather immersion breaking for an item to just disappear and requires the players to go to Adventurer's Mart to buy them. There isn't a grand story about finding a much sought after item, now it is just going to adventurer's mart and buying the item. However, on the plus side, it does prevent the whole magic item sniping issue. It's really a mixed bag.

My personal suggestion would be to use the previous rules on magic items in conjunction with the new rules. Essentially, people who would find magic items as before and they would use magic item count (if needed) to determine who gets it. The person who wins the item gets to keep the item, however, rather than giving the other party members nothing, they get to add the item to their unlock list and gain a portion of the TCP needed to buy the item or another magic item of their choosing that they have unlocked and the appropriate TCP for. Sure this means more magic items will be in circulation, but it would definitely be more fun than what we have right now.

On another note, taking away Storm King's Thunder's random magic items and not offering a suitable replacement is unexcusable. It effectively neuters the adventure in rewards. The adventure has one of the best in 5E, in my opinion, but I cannot find a single person who wants to play it now.

The changes to Gold, however, need to be reversed. I cannot find any merit in the new gold rules whatsoever. Not only does it take away the motivation for a lot of characters, as finding riches is a very common motivation for an adventurer, but it greatly limits spellcasters in their material components and further limits wizards in their efforts of scribing spells in their spellbooks. A wizard from a previous season is going to have an enormous advantage over a wizard made in the current season. It also will make people far more selfish, unwilling to pitch in to resurrect a party member's character due to gold being more limited; whereas before, with gold being more plentiful, people are more willing to donate to another player's resurrection. They were not worried about following a super strict budget. I repeat, there is no merit in the new gold rules.

Another downside of the current rules is that players may just skip on things they would otherwise normally do. For example, why risk their lives plundering a treasure hoard that may end up containing nothing because random magic items are no longer a thing and gold can no longer be found? Why risk triggering a trap on a chest if under the new rules it probably contains nothing? The new rules take away the motivation of adventuring.

I am seriously hoping that season 9 will involve sweeping changes to rectify the short comings of the season 8 rules. Like honestly, season 7 and before, the rules weren't broken and you don't need to fix something that isn't broken.

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