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DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Thomas H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2018 09:30:53

This is a good introduction to Waterdeep and the direction that the Adventurers League is moving towards. Not only do you get to introduce your table to the city, but you get the chance to know them as there are choices that they have to make at the beginning of the module. There are a lot of choices and possibilities to run this module differently with different groups; however, DM's be prepared to have to come up with names and personalities for NPC's as this is not a spoon-fed module.

The only downsides for me were in regards to the layout of the module. I would have preferred the structure of the module be organized according to what options you pick at the beginning, rather than chronological. (For example if you picked this villian, go to section 2 for your story; if you picked the other villain go to section 3.) Also, I was disappointed with there not being a "printer friendly version". I found the layout hard on my eyes and even distracting at times. However, since these are purely aesthetic/opinionated and don't reflect on the story I'm not going to let it affect my rating.

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DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep
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