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Encounters in Sharn $6.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Tim L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/22/2018 05:52:16

Just picked it up on sale for Black Friday, then our DM cancelled at the last minute and I had to run a few of these on 0 prep off the pdf on my phone (which is not an ideal situation, as you can imagine). Despite the circumstances of having to pull this out on the fly, it went really well. These are solid adventures and the group had a lot of fun, and wants to incorporate the rest of them into the ELW sessions moving forward.

Specifically, The Callestan Clash started off well, but could have used more options besides fight/armwrestle (basically same thing: for Str fighters in group) and Liars (cha based skill check). Maybe add a drinking contest (Con checks) or Archery/target shooting (Dex based)?

As for the Double-Cross, it was a great RP hook, but once they realized what was going on I thought they'd be TPKed against a CR5 Master Thief if she connected with the 4d6 sneak attack vs a Lv1 character, but sadly fighting solo makes getting advantage on an attack rather difficult. They fought really well and pulled out a win vs a much too strong foe.

One issue: why are the encounters out of order? They're not in alphabetical order (King of Heap needs to be before Possession), which shouldn't be the way to organize it anyways. They are also not organized by APL either, which would be the better way to do it.

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Encounters in Sharn
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