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DDAL-ELW00 What's Past is Prologue $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/21/2018 07:44:28

I wasn't sure what to think about a level 0 adventure, but ran it as the intended intro to an AL Eberron campaign. It was more fun than I expected (because I wasnt sure of how level 0 would go), and the sheer frailty and at times ineffectiveness of the level 0 characters was quite humourous in itself. I was grateful to commentary from people online who gave me advance warning that the fights would need scaling down to make it survivable, and found if I stuck to bandits it went ok, but don’t try a tougher foe unless they’ve made friends with a stronger NPC. In fact, keeping the mechanics light in general with easy DCs and more emphasis on the description of how is the better way to go. I'd also echo what other reviewers have suggested that the section on getting the ship back in shape was quite fun and a good challenge for level 0s since it didnt rely on lucky rolls or other things that were too overwhelming. GM tips: Perhaps the main drawback to the adventure is that it doesn’t give much guidance if the players aren’t keen on the linear track the adventure takes. The linearity makes it easy to run, unless your characters want to return their "acquisition" (trying to avoid spoilers) to the rightful owners or make a deal rather than fight at the end. These can be worked through but it’s a good idea for the former option in particular to think about how the characters might contact the house in question, what the reaction from the house might be etc etc. The mod doesn’t give a lot of background on this but I assumed the "acquisition" was an ‘off the books’ operation – although my players abandoned the plan of finding the owners anyway.

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DDAL-ELW00 What's Past is Prologue
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