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The Lovers' Handbook $3.95 $3.36
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Bryan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/05/2018 19:14:39

Delving head first into the mature topics of love, sex, and romance, Ashley breaks down the various tropes of the genre and how we might apply them to our dungeons and dragons games. It's a friendly approach written in an easy to read matter-of-fact tone. As someone who never included romance beyond "off screen" stuff, it's given me inspiration to try to GM games where it doesn't take such a backseat.

My rating of 4/5 represents the quality of the product (high), the editing (this product is clear and concise) and how useful the supplement would be at ANY given table. I feel that while it's useful for some, it might not be for everyone. However, as usual the author knocks my expectations far and away, this is certainly more of a 5/5 if you plan on having romance be an important component at your table.

It's worth noting that the author has previously written on the topics of love and sex as it relates to workers in that industry. That supplement was a pure 5/5 for me, so perhaps that speaks more to my table than this supplement will. That can be found over on Drive Thru RPG:

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The Lovers' Handbook
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