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The Adventure Collection Vol. I $14.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by todd l. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/03/2018 12:30:55

Since this is a collection, and I'm not able to write reviews for individual adventures, I'll separate the ones I've run here.

Screams at Sunset -- I've ran this twice, and it strikes a great balance among the pillars of play. There is a natural flow to the narrative, and roleplaying the ending is always a good time (among the drunk enemies and at the vault entrance). my players liked this one a lot (each time).

Secret of Karnov Mansion -- I'm running this one again tonight! It has been probably a year since I ran it last time, and my players still talk about "that one where we went to dinner with the were-tiger family" I'm updating things for the halloween holiday, but i had a blast with this one too. The unique personalities of the family are fun to RP, as well as the idea for a modified 'zoo' in the backyard of some aristrocrat is a juicy concept.

Throne of bone -- my wife DM'd this one last week (i got to play), and that was a tough but thrilling romp! (two PCs at 8th level--luckily i was a cleric). and to top it off, we both sat on the throne at the end -- and without spoiling too much, we both ended up with some unexpected (and dramatic) results! the look on my friend's face when her beautiful and glamorous centaur turned into a duergar was priceless!!! great fun.

Night of the Rise -- unfortunately, i haven't had a chance (timing not right in our campaign(s) to do it yet) to run this one...but I've read it through about a half dozen times and I am so so excited for the day when i can run this one. The concept is classic and hilarioius, and i can't help but wonder how my murderhobo group will handle it all. Great opportunities for hilarious roleplay in this one.

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The Adventure Collection Vol. I
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