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Encounters in the Jungles of Chult $3.99 $2.39
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Lex M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2018 17:02:24

This is a useful tool for running Tomb of Annihilation with some cool ideas in it. However, I feel it falls a bit short on some of the encounters. While ideas like The Most Dangerous Game not only fit great in Chult but can easily be expanded into multiple sessions, many feel out of place or just provide very little play time. I think this inconsistency comes primarily from different authors writing different sections. It's not to say that any of this book is bad, but considering the price point I would have wanted a little more content. I only used about half of what was presented in here when I ran ToA for the reasons stated above and I admit a lot of that comes down to personal preference. I just wanted to love everything in here but only loved some of it. Overall I'm torn as to whether I would recommend it. If you love running games in Chult it's likely worth the money. This is Guild Adept content and that shows. However, if you're just running ToA and don't intend to use the setting outside of that you may want to skip this particular title.

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Encounters in the Jungles of Chult
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