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Saurian, an Original Race for D&D 5e $0.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Mark W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2018 15:28:18

Saurian, an Original Race for D&D 5e is an enjoyable rendition of a playable dinosaur race, especially with the release of such content as Tomb of Annihilation, in which dinosaurs finally get their due from WotC. Huffman clearly put a lot of research into the subraces of Saurians while designing them, and has created a fantastic cultural structure for their once-sprawling empires. Many of the abilities are very original, clever, and seem to (mostly) fit the race. Unforutunately, that is as far as my praise for this product goes.

While the design of the race was clearly thought through (at least, to an extent, but more on that later), the production quality is sub-par. Grammatical errors abound and, while none are particularly severe or inhibit the understanding of the content, they compound to become increasingly irritating. There are also a few formatting errors, such as racial traits not being bolded/italicized and blending into the text (the description for the plesiosaur-inspired subrace mentioned they could breathe water, but the aquatic trait took me 3 readings to actually find). Furthermore, the introductory blurb about the general racial traits is copied-and-pasted into the subrace trait, which just seems lazy. Speaking of, the Sarco subrace is not mentioned in the description of subraces, which makes it confusing to those (like myself) who are unfamiliar with many of the less-popular dinosaur species (I had to go look up what the inspiration for the Sarcos was, and now that I know, it sounds really cool, but at first I was very confused).

In addition to the issues with editing, there are a couple of issues with the design of some aspects. For example, why does the triceratops-inspired subrace have 4 total ability score increases? Plus, as mentioned above, the Tomb of Annihilation added several facets of dinosaurs previously unseen in D&D. One of them was the character Dragonbait, who is a saurial. In Dragonbait's character description, the saurial race is briefly described. Chiefly among the description is the fact that the saurial language is vastly different from any other language, including smells and gestures, as well as sounds not normally audible to the human ear. Meanwhile, the Sauran race by Huffman speaks draconic, albeit Huffman makes a good attempt to make it distinct.

In summary, this product is a very original take on the saurial race, and provides a very solid starting point for adapting the race to a certain campaign or a DM's individual world preferences. With a few minor tweaks, all available from lisenced sourcebooks, this product could be truly excellent.

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Saurian, an Original Race for D&D 5e
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