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Down the Hole! $2.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Franklin c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2018 12:46:37

Disclaimer: I was there when we started the ritual of chanting "Down the Hole! Down the Hole! Down the Hole!".

If you have ever been part of well run production of any kind, then you know how much prep work goes into making something successful. And usually, there's a whole lot of prep work right before go time.

Chanting "Down the Hole!" means your drink and snacks better be ready...grab your miniature and your character sheet cuz fun is about to begin and we aint stopping for a while.

If you want to share that thrill with your very own next gen...

If you are an Incredibles adult looking to share old school gaming memories with tie-ins to timeless Panda-like themes...

And especially if you have never DM'd before, and want to go from story reading to story telling...

...then I have a hard time imagining anything better than this module: it's clever, scaleable, flexible, adaptable. Lets you concentrate more on the fun because a lot of the prep work has been done.

I'm still re-reading this adventure, and i'm still giggling with fond memories. Get this now and make your own memories!

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Down the Hole!
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