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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Debra B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2018 13:06:19

I can not believe how amazing these maps are. Ever since I've gotten back into D&D I've been searching for some good maps to run my campaign with (SKT), preferably one that I could hand my players without it seeming to revieal too much or being too modern. Research has turned up maps from all over the place which (I think due to the spellplague?) a lot don't match up! There were some HUGE differences between maps from 2nd to 3rd editions (which I think they skewed things to let Ice Wind Dale show better on the map?). However the maps with 5th edition have gone back to the 2nd lineup and things are just great!

Currently I'm running a Storm King's Thunder campaign, and after a bit of looking into the changes between the "Main" and "SKT" maps I suggest going with the "Main" maps. Both changes are more in line with the lore and I believe the Official SKT (OSKT) maps are in error. Terrien was correct in moving the things he did on the main map.

For those who might not know what these changes are: "Nether/Rauvin" mountains and hills near Sundabar in the north-eastern part of the map. The OSKT map has the Nether Mountains extending north into what should be the southern half of the Rauvin mountains. This shifts Deadsnows way too far north, Fork Road ends up going through Dead Orc Pass and Turnstone Pass is going east-west on the OSKT map rather than north south. Looking up the info on Turnstone Pass and that is supposed to be a pass through the Nether Mountains between Sundabar and Ascalhorn (now Hellgate) which is in the extrene north east corner of the High Forest. I think the map maker for SKT confused Ascalhorn and Ascore which threw that whole area off. So I suggest using the "Main/1491" maps as the OSKT maps are flatout wrong. If you read the descriptions for the areas in the SKT book you can see how the descriptions are ok but the map is off.

The second change is with Mornbryn's Shield. For some odd reason OSKT moved the city north along the Surbrin river rather than right at the fork of Surbrin and Laughingflow. If you read how the town is supposed to be situated on certain terrain it makes far more sense for it to be at the joining of the too rivers rather than further north. Not sure why this was moved on the OSKT map. As the changelog file says, it's always been shown at the joining of these two rivers.

Thank you so much to Terrien for making these maps! They are absolutely amazing and very accurate (even moreso than the offfical maps). Currently experimenting with aging the paper I printed this on to give to my players.


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The North Campaign Map
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