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CCC-BLD 01-03 Bleeding Gate: Lineage $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by jeremy c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2018 08:38:59

Good conclusion to the series, however, I must say that it only works if the majority of the players have played at least one of the other two modules. It has great social and combat encounters, though they are rather unconventional and may not be enjoyed by all. I do not think this module works well if you are playing with a rotating group of players (such as a public table at an LGS), which are far more likely to be "murderhobos" and not even realize a diplomatic solution is possible.

I also consider the setting of the town of Emudomier to be rather interesting, though the players will not get to experience it much and there is less focus in this module than in the first module.

The most important thing to keep in mind even before reading the module is that the mechanics of the encounters in this module are meant to frame the classic choice of negotiation or agression in an interesting way.

How the module does this is that it forces the encounter to be in initiative, and tells the DM to tell the players it is because of the pacing of the situation. This is in truth meant to address the risk-benefit analysis in a regular game: players run into enemies capable of speach, single player declares that he makes overtures of peace, and gets to roll persuasion without any real risk.

In this module, you're already in combat, and presumably need to spend your actual combat actions trying to negotiate, risky, and more realistic in my opinion. Of course, the reward is much higher, you get the support of an incredibly crucial NPC, and the faster you do it, the faster she can help you prepare for the "boss" encounters.

Whether the module satisfactorily conveys this is up for debate, but I enjoyed that it at least tried this approach, it was incredibly refreshing.

Specific notes:

  • There are no minis for the monsters Eka can arrive with, among other things.
  • It may be helpful to claim that you are asking the players to roll initiative because of the earthquake.
  • The randomized mechanics of the penultimate encounter seem super cool but it is nearly impossible for the players to experience them if they are too cautious, in fact my players managed to avoid the mechanics completely because of their range, consider making the initial area start at 3x3.
  • My players completely failed to ask many follow up questions in order to get the NPCs to reveal all of the background information in all three of the modules, I chose to have the NPCs dole out information in small chunks each round, but I do not feel that this was the best solution in retrospect.
  • The spell lists of the NPCs are extremely esoteric, as a DM think through the implications and take note of what the NPCs can do, and more interestingly, what they cannot do.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review! You put so much detail into it. I'm working on some tight deadlines right now but I'm making note of what you said and as soon as I can will try to address what I can (ex: including a wyvern and pegasus mini). Thank you!
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CCC-BLD 01-03 Bleeding Gate: Lineage
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