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DDAL04-14 The Darklord (5e) $3.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by William F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2018 02:46:21

This adventure runs long. The first part is role playing and exposition but it is always fun to have Jeny Greenteeth show up. My group decided to have the ghost Instructor Rabenovich be the third in the Hag coven so we skipped part 2 (I hadn't realized that part 2 is supposed to happen on the way to the ritual if you don't go to find Aya Glenmiir. But I don't feel that it's a necessary encounter, especially with the time constraints). Part 3 was really memorable with Sybil ageing away before the characters eyes as the ritual took place. The Goblyns aren't a particularly interesting monster and mostly serve to chew up the characters spell slots so it's probably best to keep them bunched up so the encounter will go quickly. The ruins of Boszorkan Keep were cool. At the gatehouse you should emphasize that the gate seems hung up on something (to subtly warn them that it might come down) and you should mention the tracks across the court yard (and the terrorvine shouldn't effect them if they stay in the tracks). The Map is labeled wrong and North shoud be on the side where it's labeled Boszorkan Keep. The assassin was a really tough opponent (especially since he got a very high initiative in my game). The controls for both the gate and the portcullis should be in the guardroom with the assassin. The secret door traps to room 8 are only disarmed and unlocked if keys have been put in on both the room 4 and 7 sides. The final boss fight was especially tough. My group had to fight the Strahd Armor in room 9 at the same time as they fought Esmae in room 10 because the witch ran to warn Esmae and the characters chased her. The witches are much more effective casting Tasha's laughter rather than trying to melee. The charm part of Esmae's kiss attack is especially effective. I decided that the charm effect went away when the Evening Glory vestige was taken. My characters pushed Esmae out the window twice but I ruled that she just misty stepped back in and I think that was reasonable but the open window will definitely lead your players to want to do the same thing. It was a very hard fought battle.

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DDAL04-14 The Darklord (5e)
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