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DDEX3-11 The Quest for Sporedome (5e) $2.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by David C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/25/2018 15:50:40

When I ran it, it made a nice fill-in for when our regular DM was absent. It is short and plays quickly, and provided decent experience and treasure. The adventure is divided into three parts. The fighting encounters themselves are quite good and are lible to cause trouble for those who just charge in and start wailing away. The second and third parts can be roleplayed through without fighting. My chief quibbles with this adventure are that not enough information is provided to the players. There seems to be something missing between the mission intro and the start. Apperranlty the players are on a raft in the underdark having been sent by some unspecified faction leader to aquire magic mushrooms. However, the first encounter is within a mushroom forest with no raft or river in sight. The encounter with the two Mycaniod factions gives little indication of the motives behind either one, making choosing between them challenging. It also seems that siding with the more malevalent faction provides a better reward. Overall, I enjoyed running this module.

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DDEX3-11 The Quest for Sporedome (5e)
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