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Rising Sands $3.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Simon C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2018 08:36:17

I just finished running this adventure for my group and we had a (sand) blast!

A great mixture of puzzle, combat and roleplaying opportunities in a tight package.

The highlight was a cool room with three spirits that the players have to decide who to side with, after the spirits have given their back stories. Tied my players in moral knots and encouraged some roleplaying too, which can be a bit of a rarity with this particular group of players - kudos for that alone!

The combats were well balanced, challenging the players just enough - all players were in single digit hp by the end of the climactic encounter - whilst introducing some interesting lair and legendary actions to increase the options available to the main villain.

The adventure is thematic and resonant from an Egyptian tomb adventure perspective, taking inspiration from well-known media whilst bringing its own style and ideas to the party.

If I had any suggestions for improvement, it would be to expand the personality of the dragon at the beginning of the adventure, and outline possible answers to PC questions and demands, especially for newbie DMs who might need some advice in this area. But that's a nitpick in what is an excellent piece of work.

Highly recommended.

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Rising Sands
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