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DDAL05-11 Forgotten Traditions (5e) $3.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Matthew D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2018 13:47:18

Forgotten Traditions is a dungeon crawl which takes place in a lost and abandoned giant museum, from the days of giant civilization. The scope of the module runs the full D&D gamut: combat, exploration, and social encounters. The dungeon requires a certain amount of self-reminders and self-policing as it concerns lighting and temperature hazards which are consistent dungeon-wide, but finds a perfect balance for players between sharing lore about all giant-kind/the Season 5 Tier 2 story thread and being a challenging, but rewarding, adventure.

Reasons I recommend this adventure to other DMs:

  • Nothing in the dungeon exists "just because"-- so long as you don't neglect to describe the rooms and their lore content, traversing the halls of the museum feels like walking through a real place, with its own reasons for existing. Doors, in particular, drive this point home both well and elegantly.
  • There's a phenomenal amount of options for a large number of rooms, giving the DM the freedom to find traps and encounters which best suit their group or their own playing style.
  • The well-considered accommodation for characters that don't know the Giant language, despite being a giant museum.

Things to keep in mind when prepping for this adventure:

  • It can often feel like there are too many options for traps and encounters. The adventure does a great job of moving the majority of them to after the full explanation of the dungeon as a whole, in the form of Appendix content, but you'll need to go out of your way to find them mid-adventure. Consider instead arranging your prepared notes so that you don't have this problem mid-game.
  • You'll want a dedicated notecard for tracking the state of the final encounter.
  • The final encounter in the adventure is something intense and powerful-- characters below 6th level may well be outright unable to contribute during your game, as they were in mine.
  • In line with the large number of options, navigating the list of stat blocks can be difficult when so many only apply to certain and specific encounters. Consider also arranging these with their related encounters that you plan to run that day, keeping in mind that some are pre-determined based on your party's composition.
  • The provided cert is in grayscale (black-and-white). It's not really clear why, haha-- don't sweat it, that's just how it comes.

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DDAL05-11 Forgotten Traditions (5e)
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