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DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e) $2.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Allen M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/04/2018 23:33:31

If this was a stand-alone module, I'd give it a two. There really isn't much here, but it does serve to bridge the story from A Day at the Races to Whispers in the Dark, both of which are very good and so this module is the least part of a pretty good whole. The transition from Races to this module could be smoother, but the DM would have to have read / prepared both. In fact, it is probably worth the time / effort to read and prepare all three modules at the same time to get a better feel for the overarching plot. It does introduce Wadamu, who is a fun little grung for the DM to roleplay. The conflict in part one, on the bridges, has potential to lead to a fun chase scene; but we didn't have the "extra time" to allot to the chase. The jungle / flood encounter was a lot of fun to DM, with characters slipping and sliding all over the jungle. The actual danger here was pretty minimal, however, and the party of 2nd level PC's basically escaped unscathed. The "big fight" in Part 3 is pretty underwelming too. My group took a long time here, but it was a lot of youngsters so I wasn't surprised. The adventure total is pretty short, only about 12 pages of module before you get to the bestiary in the back. An experienced group of players could probably do the adventure in less than 2 hours, leaving some "extra" time to more fully explore the chase scene and maybe the jungle trek / flooding scene too. Don't skip this one when doing the trilogy, but don't expect a lot out of it either.

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DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e)
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