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Lost Tales of Myth Drannor $14.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Robert N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2018 21:11:10

Let me start out by saying that I love this overall product and would count most of these adventures to my favorites. As follows, I'll give a short review to each of the adventures contained in Lost Tales:

The Darkwood Webs, tier 1; DDAL00-02a: As the first adventure, this one gives a decent introduction to the Forest of Cormanthor and the creatures living inside of it. The actual plot is pretty straight forward and consists mostly of a travel passage that has opportunity for roleplay, exploration and combat, leading into a fights which includes saving some people in distress. There's nothing all that special about this adventure but I never felt like it was lacking. What it does, it does good enough and I would consider this specific adventure to be a very good intro to D&D5e in general. 4/5

The Weirding Vats, tier 1; DDAL00-02b: This is one of those adventures which uses a bunch of optional the encounters to start with which the DM can pick and choose from as desired. I really enjoy this design in general as it allows for more replayability for both players and DMs. The final fight is very interesting in that is a Tier 1 adventure where the boss has 3rd level spell slots as well as lair actions. I was afraid it might prove to hard at first but it turned out to be exactly right when it comes to balance. The unique enemy types and creature modifications were also pretty interesting for both flavour and gameplay. 5/5

Spawn of the Maimed Virulence, tier 2; DDAL00-02c: Starts out with a typical premise of adventurers moving out slay some dragons. It does allow for that kind of play but also offers opportunity to go about it more diplomatically. Also offers a bunch of different ways of how to approach the scenarios, basically being multi-linear and less railroady than a lot of other AL mods. Greatly enjoyed the classical dragon fight as well as the opportunity to ally with one of them. 5/5

Echos of the Weeping War, tier 2; DDAL00-02d: This adventure also includes some encounter choice for the travel portion but whenever I ran this adventure the players would go for the same one as it's the most obvious (the ship one). Especially the air route is very unconvential and I doubt gets used much because of that. Probably requires some more help from the DM side to make the other options more appealing. The final encounter has one of those "never-ending" combats where the fight just goes on endlessly unless the group decides to leave (with some win conditions attached obviously). I've never really been a huge fan of encounters like this and will probably rework it for my future runs of it. It's also kind of a bummer that the adventure hook with the rumour about the legendary elven artifact turned out to be just that: a groundless rumour. This adventure does provide opportunity for some MTF monster addtions though and is very rich in flavour. 3.5/5

Forgotten Foes, tier 3; DDAL00-02e: Pretty straight forward this one. Has a very interesting background and sets up the T4 adventure well. Adventure itself is pretty much just a small dungeon crawl but does have some neat traps. The tome one is a highlight by itself and proved for some humorous situations. The dungeon does fall into the pitfall of not accounting for flying characters though for some of the later traps. The bossfight was alright but I would have loved some more interaction with the villian before the actual fight breaks out. Gets a bump in score just because it has one of my favourite uses of wild magic in a mod yet. 4/5

The Definition of Heroism, tier 4; DDAL00-02f: Starts out very similar to the T3 adventure and also includes a dungeon crawl (kinda). Dungeon itself is not really all that interesting and the pulled thread mechanics do get old fast, though I guess they do a fine job of having players expend ressources without fighty bits. Final combat itself is fine and all but might be a bit weak for T4. This adventure is very rich in flavour and lore which is always something I enjoy to see in AL mods. Also has a bunch of fun story awards. 4/5

Overall I really enjoyed how flavourful the rewards and creature modifications were handled for the adventures and will totally run most of these adventures multiple times before they get repetitive.

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Lost Tales of Myth Drannor
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