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Solace In Silence $1.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by John K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2018 02:01:30

I find that DMing and playing @Deathbybadger's work is like being given a box of delectable chocolates, where everytime you eat one, a piece of you is eaten by the void as well, yet you love it. As someone who has purchased multiple products from @Deathbybadger I can most assurdly attest to the firm fact that each product is not just a module, but an expression of art that redefines this genre of games. Maybe I'm biased or just a fan, but Solace in Silence does not fail to deliver for me. If you had the pleasure of running a game of "City of Eyes" and have players itching for that same level of devotion from a writer, I highly recommend this story. Solace in Silence is something unique and in many ways entirely different than previous works by @Deathbybadger but in the major ways it is that scratch for a special itch. Unlike "City of Eyes" this story is short. Short, lonely, and deadly. This story is for players who want that sort of thing. Player's who can't sit still for a mystery, or need a dungeon crawl aren't going to appreciate it, but for a group who enjoys the Ravenloft setting and doesn't mind being eaten by the void in real life alongside their fictional counterparts... They will find the horror to be bittersweet, and the chocolate delicious.

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Solace In Silence
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