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{OAP} The Elementalist Class $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Braydon F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/01/2018 08:30:50

Outlandish Adventure Productions knocked this one out of the park.

My player picked up the Elementalist at 10th level, after his previous character was arrested (a story for another time). He was super enthusiastic about playing as an elemental magic wielding character, so we looked around at a bunch of different options, but after the success I had playing as the {OAP} Sculptor, I recommended the {OAP} Elementalist because I trust that Ross and the team always publish top quality content.

I've never seen one of my players more excited to play as a class before, and with good reason. The Elementalist is an incredibly well done class, with a ton of interesting features to make your character feel one of a kind. My initial thought of an elemental harnessing character was that it would be very one dimensional and boring, but those thoughts were immediately shattered after reading through the document. The class is very versatile, and offers much more than the traditional "four elements" type approach to an elemental based class. Each subclass has a number of different subclasses again within it, which offers great customisation and makes no two Elementalists the same, even if they manipulate the same element.

Here is a quick quote from my player: "I like what he did with like the sub elements, like metal, lava, and lightning. It's genius. Plus the spell list is great, I love those new Investiture spells he came up with. The way it's designed (the class) really shows that your character is a master of their chosen element."

This class is a huge win, and is another product from OAP that deserves 6/5 stars.

I should also mention, that working with my player to incorporate this class into my homebrew world has been a blast. We have decided he comes from an island populated by a sect of xenophobic dragonborn who worship a primordial. The island's plant-life is what can only be described as above ground coral, and features numerous floating air motes held aloft by powerful elemental magic. Divine magic is outlawed, and arcane magic is frowned upon, but the magic practiced by the Elementalist's is viewed as the most pure form of magic; "true divine magic". Thus, elementalist's serve the island as its priests, defenders, shamans, and leaders.

The capital city of the island is a GIANT inverted metal pyramid some miles across (that once was airborne thanks to elemental magic). This pyrimid (known as Mejeir) has been plunged deep into the earth, so only the top 30 feet of the pyrimid remains above ground. The rival clans of the island are at odds with one another, and the current Emperor believes they are on the verge of civil war. So he has recruited a number of young Elementalist warriors (my player), to go out in the world and find the right elemental air rituals needed to raise Mejeir to the skies once again, thus showing his might, and halting the potential civil war.

Working with my player to incorporate this class into my world has been a big highlight for both of us, and my player feels incredibly proud about his character's backstory. Thanks for the great class, Ross!

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{OAP} The Elementalist Class
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