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CCC-CIC-06 End of the Line $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Antoine R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/26/2018 22:13:14

I was looking for a tier 1 module to DM to my friends who wanted to play tonight and this was a good choice. The adventure is fun, straightforward and pretty damn funny at times. It was a blast to roleplay the goblin tribe! The party wasn't very strong but I was confident in their ability so I used the roper since well, it's perhaps my favorite D&D monster. The Goliath battlemaster tanked well! I think the ending was somewhat anticlimatic since there's no real bosses. I don't think the Cave Fisher was challenging enough and the dwarven entry to the underground caverns they couldn't access (stoked for the followup module) was a bit disappointing as an ending. I didn't use the dwarven statues since there's no real point in fighting them.

I really liked the creative things like: -albino goblins being lawful neutral and worshippers of dwarven gods -Voodoo puppet being used by the goblin chief if the players decide to be murder hobos -The mushroom story award!

Huge plus for the great artwork and the awesome map as well.

Unfortunately, the adventure is riddled with mistakes, I've seen at least 5 while running it but that's a recurrent theme with AL modules.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! If you have the inclination I would like to here about the mistakes you found. Would definitely like to address them and update the document. In any case I hope you and your group had fun and it was worth your time to play. Best regards and happy gaming!
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CCC-CIC-06 End of the Line
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