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Phil's Season 8 Adventurers League Logsheet Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Allen M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2018 09:42:56

While the utility of this NEW, STREAMLINED AL(XGE) Log Sheet cannot be emphasized enough, the stark nature of the document is self-evident.

Rather than bold black boxes, brightly colored boxes could be used for the Treasure Point location. I intend to pre-print a bunch for my players and will color in the bold boxes with a highlighter. I think I'll use green, since the Treasure Points are kinda like money.

==== The above was written upon this document's initial release in late July of 2018. After the Adventures League admins published what are being called the "final" documents on August 26 (v8.1), the modifications to the sheet to include ALL the relevant new features of the treasure / magic / advancement / logkeeping system are even better. I never would have thought of stickers, but they're probably on sale somewhere for the end of the 'back to school' shopping season. This will make explaining the changes to all of my AL players a breeze! No more of that "can you help me with the adding"! I like this so much that I bought it twice.

I don't know Phil personally, but I owe him a beer.

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Creator Reply:
Yes, I agree! As it is before the implementation of the new system, this is merely a prototype. Colors and graphics are being considered.
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Phil's Season 8 Adventurers League Logsheet
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