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Spells from Elsewhere $9.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Amanda K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/19/2018 00:30:01

I purchased this book as a supplement for my home-brew epic level campaign. I wanted to increase te spell selection for my characters and was interested in the time magic spells contained.

The spells in the book are very creative, but some are a little complicated in effect or wording. Several of my players have indeed decided to utilize some of the spells in the book, and they enjoy them very much. Ii would be very interested in seeing a v2 of this book done with some clarification and additional editing.

We will still continue to use the material as-is, because of the wonderful creativity and fun that it brings to the game.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the review. I know it may be hard to believe after such a gap of time, but there IS an updated version being worked on of this very tome. I have been updating some of the spellbooks gradually to include artificer spell lists, and when I come to "Spells from Elsewhere" I will do an overhaul of the book's layout, hopefully making it easier to parse through the more complex spells. One or two spells may have minor errata, but mostly they will remain the same.
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Spells from Elsewhere
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