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CCC-KUMORI-01-01 Wreckers $3.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/17/2018 14:19:56

This was a fun adventure to run and to play as I have had the opportunity to do both recently. The adventure is rather straightforward, but has wiggle-room to allow an rp focused group to play up their roles. My party took time to try to ascertain if the tower was built from scrapwood from the wrecked ships, for instance.

I have a major complaint, however, when I ran this at my table my party decided to go by sea which, up to the beach landing, was fine and dandy. Checks were made, failed and fun was happening. Then we set foot on the beach and the module "ended". Yes, we know the beach is there, that two people are patroling the path but... no direction is given from when you land your boat on shore to assaulting the tower. Are these the worst guards ever? After the initial shock is missing this chunk of the adventure ended, I punted and simply let my players decide what their course of action would be. The guards were dumb and were persuaded to bring the cleric in the party to the tower to bless it. My players filled in the blanks which was awesome.

It is a fun module, well written and has good maps. I look forward to running it again. 3 times. Must run three times. :)

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CCC-KUMORI-01-01  Wreckers
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