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Goblin Warbands Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Tyler M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2018 00:26:31

I wrote a review/overview on my website, Zargo Games, but I'll share it here too!

Brief Summary: Increase your pool of goblin threats with thirteen new variations.

Overview: Right off the bat I'm struck with how visually impressive this product is. There's a cover page with a full-page illustration that makes it look like an official Wizards product, and then a subsequent title page that's laid out nicely. After that there's a short table of contents and then it gets straight to the goblins.

The first goblin is the goblin sneak, which is a trap-laying ambusher that has an adjustable CR based on the kinds of traps it has. The next is the goblin pyro, which, as the name suggests, is a volatile flame-wielder that can explode on death. Third is the goblin ratlord along with its giant rats. It's a straightforward beast tamer with its own company of beasts. Fourth is the goblin wolfrider, which rides wolves into battle and can hamper a party's progress with nets as well as more lethal weapons. Fifth is the goblin firecaller, a mage goblin with fire spells like fire bolt and scorching ray. Sixth is the goblin psycho, which is essentially a goblin barbarian, as hilarious as that sounds, though it can deal significant damage and take hits that most goblins couldn't. Seventh is the goblin shaman, which is a support spellcaster with some healing abilities. Eighth is the goblin sniper, a simple long-ranged skirmisher. Ninth is the goblin lasher, both a whip-wielder and a spellcaster, with some profane spells like animate dead and bestow curse. Tenth is the goblin firelord, another spellcaster with more powerful spells, such as the dreaded fireball. Eleventh is the goblin mastermind, a deadly goblin rogue with sneak attack powers. Twelfth is the goblin warboss, a powerful fighter with the action surge ability. Last is the goblin warpriest, another support caster with stronger combat capabilities and healing features.

After that all that's left is the back cover, which has two small paragraphs describing the document.

Verdict: I was blown away by how professional this document looks and how much thought and effort was put into the variety of goblins. If you're running a game that prominently features goblins, this is a must-have document, and it's free so there's no reason to not download it!

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Goblin Warbands
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