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Xanathar's Extraordinary Vault $9.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Oli W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/03/2018 11:04:42

Personally quite disappointed after reading all of the reviews on here, though there are some highlights that I found really fun... After a good read of the 100 pages (massive product) here are my problems:

  • A large portion of the equipment are various exotic / historic weapons. Whilst some may find this useful, this kind of thing is rudimentary mechanics that can be thought of in seconds, or even bypassed entirely by reflavouring an existing weapon block. Some of them are purely aesthetic changes to existing weapons, and when you're paying $10 for a PDF you do not expect it to be filled out with pure guff.
  • Some of the magical items are extremely derivative of their original use. EG; Axe that makes you run, shield that helps you heal, and they should be accompanied by a brief history of the item (like the axe 'Hew' from the starter set) to really bring them to life. Saying this, some of the items have lavish and beautiful descriptions with interesting anchors for plot hooks, so perhaps I'm being a bit nitpicky! Some points I loved:
  • The 'special loot' stuff was great, as were the consumables and the 'extras' toward the end of the pack. I even got inspired to implement a new magical-item crafting rule from one of them!
  • Beautiful design, well crafted. Keeps with the Xanathar theme splendidly.

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Xanathar's Extraordinary Vault
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