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DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e) $2.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Frank v. d. Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/26/2018 06:28:02

DDAL07-04 A walk in the park is an adventure with loads of potential, however only experienced dungeon masters will be able to really utilise these hidden treasures. Maybe even more important is to sidestep this adventures deadly DM pitfalls. This review will contain SPOILERS, if you are going to play this adventure, please respect your dungeon master.

Part 1-A starts of divided, those who played the previous story DDAL07-03, and those who didn't. I really like this idea, to cover all the bases. If you're running this at a store, as part of weekly sessions, this really gives the DM material to introduce new characters if your group setup changed. I do want to advice to keep the same group, or run the story on multiple tables and rotate groups and DM's whilst keeping the "Yeah I played DDAL07-03". You can always use parts from A2, I used the cat to create a bond between Screaming Wind (Emerald Enclave) and Soggy Wren (Harpers). I do agree with most that having the potential that Screaming Wind legs it before giving the quest is very poor writing, allthough I understand the concept. A shy character in Port Nyanzaru from a faction that is not supposed to meddle in its affairs. Any faction representation should calm Screaming Wind though and only make a group roll the check if they intimidate her or do something foolish (would almost advise a group check). I for one liked the Rope Bridge Fish Hooks. Give characters a chance to react, if they fail to do so run a chase. I really like that these adventures explore rules from the DMG. Ensure combat after the chase or after the characters exit the shop, a little dice rolling between roleplaying is good for the RP-Heavy story. Part 1 ends after the satchel shop. In my opinion not really a unique selling point of the story. The merchant doesn't know anything and characters can easily get hung up here because it's their only lead. You can use the Thug encounter to interrupt questioning and let the Merchant flee. Wadumu is then able to talk freely after they have beaten the Thugs and if he helps in combat this gives him more of a trust factor. Don't just hand out the goggles of night, they need to be earned. They can either be given by Wadumu if you use the loyalty rules from DMG and they max it, or explore other fun options in Chult from the hardcover.

Part 2 is a fun way to introduce the group to the jungles of Chult. I really liked this part and gives the group a laugh. its a fun mechanic, just don't go overboard on it. Keep the pase moving, 20 mins is really the max for this part. The weak part about this chapter is, that it gives DM's a chance to screw their players. A player can really lose the feeling of being the hero of this story. Please ensure that this doesn't happen because this is a huge pitfall!

Part 3 is by far the weakest link in this story. Do NOT let Wadumu do everything! Again, he is not the hero of this story, the players are. Its such a huge pitfall to have a DM character like Wadumu do everything, and the story tells you to do exactly that. Instead, let Wadumu go in alone and let the characters sneak in on their own strength at night. If you do it this way, there is always the feeling that Wadumu is going to betray them, which brings some tension to the story. Let them explore the village as well by sneaking around. If they find any humans, they can always attempt to persuade them that they are here to free them from the Yuan-Ti control (instead of Wadumu doing so). Ow right the story was about wanderlost, it's here and even being crafted here, but even after running all 3 stories I'm not 100% sure why this was important, since it can basically be crafter anywhere as long as there is a Grung and a Yuan-Ti. Why isn't it more special and requires a shrine like the one in adventure DDAL07-05 to craft. Let the characters find out about this Lost city of Bulobo and the ritual which evidently needs Wanderlost and is the true key to DDAL07-05.

I for one am unsure why Wanderlost is being uesd to poison dinosaurs in DDAL 07-03 and now turns out to be used in a ritual to summon their all powerfull god. Why would you use this particular poison that can lead adventurers right to you, whilst any other poison will suffice. And if you summon Dendar, why would you need the merchant princess grip over Chult to be weaker? Isn't this all powerfull Yuan-Ti god supposed to devour the sun? That would pretty much make him strong enough to dispose of Port Nyanzaru's defences easily. In my opinion the addentures could have been better linked together and been more about Wanderlost.

As stated at the start, an adventure with plenty of potential, however poorly connected to the trilogy and contains huge DM pitfalls.

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DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e)
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