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CCC-YLRA01-01 Her Dying Wish $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jac Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/08/2018 16:58:37

Downside: 74 pages of content? Fxxk me.

Upside: Virtually everything else.

Seriously, the only downside I have to mention for the module was the immense amount of information provided in the mod. Albeit I fully understand that it's necessary, because they were provided to give life to Ylraphon as a place. As the first module in the YLRA series, this module did a great job to introduce both the players and the DM to the city of Ylraphon.

The flow of the adventure was also on point. What started as a letter delivery mission eventually led the adventurers to a lot more - got them involved in the city's politics, rumours of the blood crown and the lost Orcish Empire, the Tree of Doors and its amber prison... It's an adventure that keeps giving, providing the players a new challenge every step they take. The final fight was a fitting finale of the adventure, a fight that is hard but fair. (Also, who doesn't like to fight against a dragon?)

All in all, a great dungeon, and a great introduction to Ylraphon. Lots of details that provided a lot of foreshadowing to the future events of the YLRA01 series.

If only the authors can release CCC-YLRA01-04 through CCC-YLRA01-09 on dmsguild ASAP that'd be great. Although I understand that they are busy with premiering the YLRA-02 series at the upcoming Strategicon.

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CCC-YLRA01-01 Her Dying Wish
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